3 Ways To Clean A Tub That Are Easy On Your Back And Knees, By Mary Hunt

Cleaning the tub is one of those chores that are more painful than fun for those with health problems that make it difficult to bend and kneel. So hard on the back and knees that it just doesn’t clean up well. Here are three very effective and efficient ways to keep any tub sparkling clean, even a deep and / or jetted tub, to the rescue.


You will need Blue Dawn dish soap and a clean broom. Make sure the broom is super clean or you’ll just be transferring its dirt into the tub, which wouldn’t make sense. A new broom that you dedicate to cleaning the tub makes a lot of sense. Check out the dollar store.

Wet the broom, shake it, and set it aside.

Inject Blue Dawn around the bottom and sides of the tub, doing your best to touch any visible dirty spots. Using the broom, rub the soap all around the surface of the tub.

Finally, rinse all that soap, dirt, and scum down the drain. If you have a hand shower, use it. Otherwise, use a bucket or other container that you can fill and wash the sides and bottom of the tub.

You can substitute another type of dish soap, but nothing cuts through grease, dirt, and scum like Blue Dawn.


For this method, you will need Blue Dawn dish soap, regular white vinegar, and an empty spray bottle.

Open the bathroom window or turn on the ceiling fan. Or both.

Add 1 part of Blue Dawn to 3 parts of regular white vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake it and spray it all over the tub and the tiles – the sides, the floor and even the faucets.

Close the door and go. Come back in about an hour (more if you have really stubborn stains). Rinse; no scrubbing required. Look at this sparkling and clean tub!


Jetted tubs are especially difficult, as pipes and internal plumbing can contain mold and grime that is just inside – out of reach and out of sight.

For this method, you will need Cascade Complete powdered automatic dishwasher detergent.

Before continuing, be sure to clean the floor and walls of the tub using one of the methods above and rinse well. Next, clean the jets and internal plumbing so that everything is hygienic and free of grime and debris that could be reintroduced into the tub the next time you use it.

Fill the tub with hot water so that the water level is at least 2 inches above the highest jets. Add 2 cups of Cascade Complete powdered automatic dishwasher detergent.

Turn on the air jets in the tub and let them run at full speed for at least 20 minutes, or until it appears that all debris from the internal plumbing has stopped entering the tub.

Drain the tub and fill it with hot water a second time, at least 2 inches above the highest jets. Turn on the jets and let them run for 5 minutes to make sure all residual dirt and detergent is flushed out into the system.

Drain, rinse well and admire knowing these jets are as shiny as the tub itself!

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