Dane County Subcommittee Wants to Facilitate Fee Waiver for Court System | Local government

Future changes to implement the recommendations of the sub-committee may require action by the supervisory board.

The recommendations include creating a uniform waiver form that can be used across departments in the county – a “game changer,” Bayrd said. The recommendations also call for the creation of a policy outlining when charges should be waived and when a person is eligible for a payment plan.

Other key suggestions include establishing a minimum threshold for sending an individual’s debt to collection or credit reporting agencies and determining whether fines and fees are disproportionately charged across government departments. county.

“Internal agencies should examine and collaborate on the potential disproportionate impact on single families or individuals, and efforts should be made to eliminate fines and fees affecting those families and individuals,” according to the recommendations.

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Other recommendations include:

  • Educate consumers on the fee waiver process
  • Conduct a racial equity and racial impact review before creating a new tariff or increasing a new tariff
  • Collect racial and gender demographics on who is assessed for fees, who requests a fee waiver or payment plan, who is granted a fee waiver or payment plan, and who is sent to collections
  • Develop a process for actions to be taken before a debt is sent to collection or credit reporting agencies that will include personal contact

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