Jessica Simpson Will Only Eat Bacon This Way

Bacon obsessives might argue that every part of a strip of pork should be enjoyed. But Jessica Simpson revealed that she only cares about one part: the ends. The superstar joked about his unusual preference for fans on Instagram earlier this week, under an adorable photo of her and her daughter, Maxwell, which showed the duo using their teeth to hold strips of bacon up in the air. Although it looks like Simpson is about to crack the strip, his caption reveals otherwise. “My kids laugh at me because I only eat the tip of the bacon,” she admitted.

Given Simpson’s stint with wellness company WW (formerly Weight Watchers), it’s tempting to rush to the conclusion that this was a diet move, like the infamous hollowed-out bagel (via Daily health). However, this seems unlikely, because according to Cook’s Illustrated, the edges of the bacon are most likely to have a higher concentration of fat.

For the record, Simpson did not exactly clarify in his post. Why she eats only the extremities. And although her children may find it silly, it seems that she is not the only one in his preference. In the comments to his post, several fans admitted to doing the same with their bacon. “Moooooo! And I’ll leave the rest,” one commenter wrote. Another confirmed that these were also team endings and explained, “I only eat tips because they’re crisp. I don’t like chewy bacon.”

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