Patrick Beverley’s New Jersey number with the Timberwolves revealed

Patrick Beverley has officially announced that he will receive a new number with the Minnesota Timberwolves – number 21 will become number 22.

Beverley made the announcement on Twitter when a fan asked him what number he would wear with Wolves.

For those who may not know, Beverley has long admired Kevin Garnett. He credits KG as his reason for playing and why he wears the NBA number 21. The Minnesota Timberwolves have yet to remove Kevin Garnett’s jersey, but that doesn’t stop Beverley from refusing to wear his jersey number. Many have argued that Wolves should have taken Garnett’s shirt off, and Beverley appears to be one of them. Nothing has been said publicly, but it seems safe enough to assume Beverley is changing her number to 22 because of this tribute.

Patrick Beverley goes officially makes a comeback at Staples Center on November 13. The Clippers will face Wolves before that in Minnesota, but his return to LA should be something special for fans. Beverley has been known as the “heart and soul” of the Clippers for three years, and fans have an incredibly special attachment to him.

The next time Clipper fans see Patrick Beverley on the pitch, he will no longer be number 21. It’s a new era for him and for Clipper fans.

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