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Twin Metals Minnesota said on Wednesday it would appeal a federal government initiative that could trigger a 20-year moratorium on the company’s copper / nickel / precious metals project near Ely.

“We remain true to our commitment to the communities of northeastern Minnesota,” Kelly Osborne, CEO of Twin Metals, said in a press release Wednesday. “We have a viable mining project that we will move forward under the current law. ”

The federal government revealed last week that it wanted a mineral withdrawal study to be conducted on 225,000 acres of federal land in northeast Minnesota. Twin Metals said the Bureau of Land Management is also unnecessarily rejecting applications for preferential leases and prospecting license applications from Twin Metals Minnesota.

“The rejection of preferential lease applications and prospecting permit applications was both politically motivated and completely unnecessary,” said Julie Padilla, Regulatory Officer of Twin Metals. “This tells us that the federal government has no intention of listening to the science, and it also makes it clear that opponents of copper-nickel mining are concerned that the environmental review process already underway for our project shows that a modern copper-nickel mine can be safe for the environment and should be licensed.

Twin Metals has claimed to have state, private and federal mineral rights in good standing for more than half a century. The company formally submitted its mine proposal to state and federal agencies in late 2019. Its plan included more than a decade of engineering, hydrogeological, environmental, and engagement work, including the assessment of dozens of project-specific configurations and technologies that maximize environmental protection, Twin Metals said, including over 25,000 pages of scientific background data and environmental analyzes on the specifics of the Twin Metals project to support state agencies and federal for the environmental review process.

“Regulators have failed to move this process forward,” the company said on Wednesday. “Twin Metals cares deeply about the protection of the environment through the development, operation and closure of its mine, as it is a company made up of individuals who live, work and raise families in Minnesota. The minerals Twin Metals proposes to mine – copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals – are needed for clean energy technologies that are critical to tackling climate change and securing national supply chains . That’s why Twin Metals advances a model mine by using the best technologies available to protect the environment and workers.

Twin Metals is seeking to build an underground mine designed to have minimal surface impact and utilize dry tailings management, which environmental groups say is the “gold standard” for tailings management in the mine. mining industry. Twin Metals will also use an electric mining fleet to reduce project emissions while improving worker safety.

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